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Hope Of Blessing International

(or HOBI in short)

The story of how one orphan is saving many others...

Meet Selah

Born in 1990, Selah's introduction to the world began with civil war. In her birth country of Libera, the civil war began when she was one years old. Through miracles, faith, hope and family, Selah survived the horrors of this war. However, survival was not the end of the story as she saw and understood the needs of most helpless in Liberia.

Selah - Hope Of Blessings International - HOBI

Now Selah and her husband Samuel (also a survivor of the civil war in Liberia) bring hope to the orphaned children through Hope Of Blessing International.

We're partnering with HOBI

Arbel Ministries is partnering with Hope Of Blessing International. Our goal is to provide support through physical needs as well as being a voice on their behalf here in the U.S.

We have witnessed and believe that HOBI is not only providing for the physical nourishment of these orphans, but also the spiritual. They are giving hope beyond the belly to those who are otherwise forgotten.


Support HOBI

Here at Hope Of Blessing International, our mission is to share the Gospel and love of Jesus as we feed, shelter, clothe, and educate these children. Our hearts desire is to truly see change in Liberia. As we help these children acknowledge Christ in all things, we pray the they will some day become leaders in Liberia. While striving toward accomplishing all these goals, our aim above all else is to see the name of our Lord and Savior be glorified and His Kingdom furthered.

By supporting HOBI, you're giving us the ability to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of orphans in Liberia. Not only do you relieve the day to day burdens, but also allow us to expand so more orphans can feel wanted and given hope for a better tomorrow.

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