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Meet the Kids

The causes for becoming an orphan in Liberia are many; civil war, ebola, neglect, etc. All of these factors not the decision of the child. At Hope Of Blessing International, we look after the well being of nearly 100 children that have found themselves with the title of orphan.

Currently, 30 children are at one location and another 70 almost twelve hours away by car. All of these kids have different stories, but share the same infectious smile. Just like all kids, they have physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that must be met. That's where you come in!

" All they want is to be wanted." - Mark Whitehead

Libera Children with Philanthropist

The Needs

hot dogs.jpg

The cost of food in Liberia is very high, and so feeding nearly 100 kids is no small feat. Most meals consist of rice and whatever else is available.

We were able to supply a meal of hot dogs on the last trip...and it was met with much excitement to say the least!




Kids grow, clothes wear, seasons change. There is a need for young children to young adult sized clothes and shoes.


Basic education is needed to help these children reading, writing, and math so they can be prepared for adulthood. Public schools can be hard to access. One option is to hire a teacher for the entire orphanage.




Currently, 30 kids are housed in one location and another 70 in another twelve hours away. Our goal is to bring these two groups together onto one property so the best care can be provided.



Would you consider sponsoring HOBI Kids? Help cover their daily needs by donating. These needs include, food, clothes, school supplies, medical needs, and board. The causes for being an orphan in Liberia are many. Civil war, ebola, neglect, and more. None of them the decision of the child. Above all else, the kids at HOBI simply want to feel wanted.


Here at Hope Of Blessing International, our mission is to share the Gospel and love of Jesus as we feed, shelter, clothe, and educate these children. Our hearts desire is to truly see change in Liberia. As we help these children acknowledge Christ in all things, we pray the they will some day become leaders in Liberia. While striving toward accomplishing all these goals, our aim above all else is to see the name of our Lord and Savior be glorified and His Kingdom furthered.


By supporting a HOBI kid, you're giving so much more than just physical're giving hope.

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